Jakarta Aquarium


Perculas are contracted as the principle aquarium consultants for the project providing design support and input for all aquarium related aspects, as well as providing detailed design and specifications to allow pricing, tender and construction.

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre – Kuwait


Perculas have been contracted as the primary specialist aquarium consultant for the projects aquarium and ecosystem wing and have been instrumental in the design and configuration of the project. Working from concept design and continuing on to detailed design of the aquarium through to a tender stage.

Perculas provided detailed specifications on LSS, Acrylic, waterproofing and lighting to push the project through to construction. Perculas working closely with the client team as the specialist Aquarium consultant during the construction process to ensure compliance with the design, specifications and to ensure overall quality of the installation.

Chongqing Ocean Park / Polar World


Perculas were contracted as the primary consultants to provide the following specialist services up to the tender stage of the project

-Architectural building and design input
-Full acrylic design and sizing
-Full LSS design or all freshwater and saltwater aquariums as well as all mammal systems.
-Waterproofing design for all exhibits
-lighting specifications
-Provision of specifications and documentation for all system to a tender stage

S.E.A Sentosa – Singapore


Contracted to Resorts World, Perculas were tasked with commissioning and rectifying their newly installed mammal life support systems.  As lead for this commissioning phase we were tasked with ensuring the life support system was rectified and amended as needed, fully commissioned, operational, maintained water quality, and had all controls in place for dolphin introduction.


Perculas have an ongoing servicing contract with Resorts World Aquarium to provide consultancy and maintenance services for all ozone related works as well as generators within the facility.


Den Blå Planet – Copenhagen, Denmark


Perculas were contracted to design and project manage this aquarium along with the local danish construction team.  Perculas were responsible for designing and overseeing all areas of the Aquarium build from post concept phase through to completion.  Areas of design and management input covered, LSS, acrylic, rock work and theming, waterproofing as well as specialist lighting.  The project has been a major success since opening!


Ocean Park Grand Aquarium – Hong Kong


Perculas were contracted as Project Managers to manage and oversee the installation of all LSS and it’s equipment for this Grand Aquarium Extension to Ocean Park Hong Kong.  We provided design input on all LSS components as well as electrical interfaces and controls for individual aquarium operation.  In addition we played a key role in managing and undertaking the systems commissioning as well as training of local staff to ensure the system was fully operation for it’s opening.


The Royal Children’s Hospital – Melbourne, Australia


Perculas played an instrumental part the design, management of installation, commissioning and ongoing operations of this 8 meter high cylinder aquarium.  The aquarium was designed with a dedicated plant room with specialist LSS and also had a team of staff, trained by us, for the operation of the Aquarium.


Jellyfish Aquarium Wynn Macau – Macau


Perculas were contracted as the lead designer and Project Manager to help realise this project. Perculas were involved from first concept, design, construction  through to operations of this large jellyfish feature tank.  Also integrated to the exhibits design was back of house a jellyfish breeding facility, used for onsite breeding,  grow out and holding of new livestock which are used to help maintain healthy and vibrant exhibit stock levels.


Aquarium de Paris – Paris


Working as Project Manager and LSS Designer for this project, we were responsible for many aspect of the LSS design which included; Project Management of LSS works including full Design, Documentation, Procurement, BOQ, ongoing co-ordination, development meetings, construction and installation from underground pipe works to full system install.



Project History

Perculas has had experience on various projects throughout the world, with the following highlighting some of our most recent.

Having worked as Project Leads, Principle Designers and Consultants, Project Managers, Sub Consultants/Contractors and Contractors on a variety of large and small projects, we are happy to discuss the extent of our involvement in our projects, as well as our role, relationship and details on work performed upon request.